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Don't get fogged over with so many options for your Online Home Business!

We can help simplify it! 

Jeff Beeman has been selling on eBay since 2009 and  working with various marketing companies for over 12 yrs.

The 3 Biggest issues people run up against when wanting to start an online Home Business are ....

#1 - No Money To Invest To Make Money!
#2 - They Hate the Idea Of Selling!
#3) - I Don't Have Time

I Get It! 

After several years of struggling in the online marketing space I finally discovered three options to handle these issues. 

A) Re-Selling on eBay - Buy Low, List it High and Make a Profit! 

MONEY ISSUES SOLVED! - It's how I got started and still fund most of my investments today!

B) Re-Selling isn't direct selling ( or recruiting!) - You list an item,  you drive traffic , you make sales.

FEAR OF SELLING ISSUE SOLVED!  - As a bonus all the training in our Facebook group to learn the basics of re-selling is Free! 

C) Time Management  - Is it really a lack of time ...or a lack of focus? 

We have that covered for you as well!

Join our Facebook Group -  Part Time 2 Big Time with Dr. Bob Clark! Learn the difference between time management and focus from his "Part Time Profit Machine!" 



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