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How To Create Pinterest Pin For Your Ebay Listings!

Using Pinterest to help drive traffic to my eBay business! 

Now, if you are at all familiar with eBay, once you get done making a listing, there is always the opportunity to share it to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, which I highly recommend that you share to all of the platforms... 

We're going to focus on Pinterest today and just to preface this a little bit. If all you do is go and share this on Pinterest to your Pinterest account and just use the normal share that's on here. That's fine and dandy. 

BUT ... if you want to step it up a little bit and put yourself in a position where maybe more people will see your listing, then there's a lot of different things we can do with Pinterest.This is one of the things that I do that we are showing you tonight in the short time that we have available. 

So first of all, I would recommend once you are over in Pinterest actually open up a business Pinterest account. You can probably look that up real quick on youTube if you need help with it.

Why do you need a business account?  You want to be able to see your analytics. You want to know if the effort you're putting into Pinterest is going to pay off and show you the traffic that you're generating and if the pins are working. 

Reason for doing a Canva produced Pin? When you click in to Pinterest you may notice it is a clutter of stuff and sometimes you wonder what exactly you are looking at. 

And because of that the purpose of this video is to show you how to create a pin that hopefully will stand out above all the rest of the pins and give you an opportunity for your pin to be seen. 

So what I advise or promote is to use theCanvaplatform to create your pins from. There is a free account and there is a paid account.

I currently have a paid account because I use it for not only for pinning my listings but for YouTube thumbnails and and many other projects. 

What we're going to do is you start off by clicking Create a Design  and scrll down to find the Pinterest template tab design.

You can use that with no issues or you can go to the top left side menu bar and click re-size. 

NOTE: If you try and re-size a template you may need to upgrade into the paid account.

What you want is a pin style that is longer than other pins but still keeps your message above the "fold"... Where you do not have to scroll the pin down to see the call to action. (IE: Click Here.) 

If you remember nothing else on Pinterest, remember that you want to go long, not wide. Their platform is set up for this style of image to be on there. 

I have went ahead and brought in the picture of the hat which is one of the items I listed on eBay for this video.  


1) Create your Pin in Canva. Make it Longer not wider

2) Down load to your computer

3) Upload to Pinterest

Tips for the best Pin: 

1) Make your text BIG and easy to read

2) Use an action picture of the topic in your pin

3) Keep you text minimal and direct to what the need to do next - Click Here.

4) You can send from Pinterest directly to a sales page in most cases.

Have fun! Get Creative and Pin those eBay Listings!

Jeff Beeman

Re-Seller With A Blog Habit

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