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How To Do Keyword Research on YouTube For eBay Videos

Being an eBayer myself I know how profitable (not just financially) it can be to create video's talking too the Re-seller / eBay community. It is a great way to learn, do, teach and connect with re-sellers around the globe. As we start to look at our eBay business as a complete home business, video creation becomes a key factor. IE: We can grow our audience to be able to run google advertising ... ( you need 1000 subscribers and a percentage of views). We can also learn how to add affiliate links from both eBay and Amazon or other affiliate connections. You will also want to use it to grow an active email list both customer and other re-sellers. A lot of eBay buyers like to hang out on re-seller videos as much as the sellers do. Yep - Stalkers! The video below will help you better understand how to get your videos found on YouTube and that is important because, with a better page rank your views will go up and subscribers are soon to follow.

3 key points to help you do keyword research on you tube are: #1) Use the YouTube search bar to see what else has been searched for. #2) Check the most popular videos of successful YouTubers and reverse engineer what they do right! #3) Ninja tactic - Go into the page source of a successful YouTuber - hit Control "F" on your keyboard - Type in keyword to the search box - Copy and save the keywords after the highlighted word "keyword" The cool thing about Keyword research is you may find keywords that work better than your competitor. Thank you for visiting - if this content has been helpful please take a moment to comment and share! We appreciate it! Jeff Beeman ebay-preneur PS...Ready to take your videos to a new level of ranking and profitability? Log in and Find your ==> YouTube Treasures!

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