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How To SEO Your YouTube Video For Max Results | 3 Tips!

With video marketing being a power house for online marketing as ytou build your home business to sell products and services, you need to give yourself the best chance to be (ranked) found as you can among all the others competition. Here are 3 Tips I try to do with every video I can for a better Page Rank.

Obviously you need to KEYWORD your title as best you can but these three tips will help drive more traffic as well. #1) Repeat your title on the front end of your video. Verbally say it and copy it into your description area #2) Write up a small post for your description area #3) Write up a short post or paragraph in your description area utilizing your keywords as much as possible with keyword stuffing. What's keyword stuffing? - Repeating your keywords over and over again. Thank you for stopping by. If you have found this content helpful please take a moment and share on the social media with the tabs provided. Jeff Beeman PS ... Ready to turn YouTube into a daily lead generation / sales machine for your home business? Make sure to check out YOUTUBE TREASURES Before you go?

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