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How To Use Your eBay App On Your Smart Phone

If you are working on your smartphone and you are looking at a product, whether you're in a thrift store, garage sale, yard sale, wherever you may be at, there are three ways that you can look this up?

#1)Use your search bar. Just type in what it is. That's it! That's the easy one. 

#2)The second way to do it would be to click on the camera. Once you click on the camera, it's going to bring a screen up and you are going to have a couple more options. Now if you've already taken pictures, what it is doing is allowing you to work with your pictures in your gallery. 

The other option is that you are taking a new photo. What's going to happen with your eBay app is if you click that, your camera screen is going to come up ready for you to take a picture. You are going to hit the white circle or whatever the button is that you take your picture with. 

On the eBay app, give it an extra half a second, because it seems like it takes just a little bit more than a second to take that picture. Now, as soon as it takes that picture, it starts looking for items on eBay that are similar or look just like the item you just took a picture of. 

Fair warning it doesn't work all the time.  You will want to get as much of just the item as you possibly can in the picture to help it out. It will also depends a lot on what kind of listings are already on eBay. 

The picture option is a cool way to do it and look up items...If it doesn't work then you may have to go back to your normal search and type it in. 

#3)The other option and most used is the bar code scanner. If you're looking at items in the Walmart clearance aisle to see if anything is worth buying this option works great. 

I personally feel the Amazon app is a bit easier to scan barcodes than what the eBay app is. On the eBay app you may have to hold it there a little longer to make sure you get it just right. You will want to practice with it a couple times to know how you want to hold your phone to catch that barcode as quickly as you can.  

Once it scans if there are items listed that are the same as ours or similar to yours it will bring them up for you. 

I hope that's been helpful for you basically three ways to search with your eBay app to check comps.

*1 Just type in what it is. 

*2 Take a photo of it see if it comes up that way

*3 Bar code Scan it go that route to pull up that item as well. 

Now you are ready to get out there and get some sourcing done!

Happy selling!

Jeff Beeman

Re-Seller With A Blog Habit 

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